How "Concept Management" Can Revolutionize Your Business

I'd like to introduce you to the idea of “Concept Management”, what it is and why it's needed. But first, let's talk about how great businesses become successful, so you can understand why Concept Management really matters. Getting your message through. When I say a "great business", I mean a business that communicates a vision and shows leadership. 
Everything done in most businesses comes from finding customers and offering them products and services they're willing to pay for. Would it be true to say that great businesses are good communicators, because they can easily find people who are willing to pay for their product? 
How do they communicate their vision and why do people care so much?
Let's find out by discussing business plans first. There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was a giant of the business world, but did he listen to Apple's customers? Steve Jobs and the “Jobs Effect” turned Apple products into something desirable.
But the “Jobs Effect”…
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